Young Cancer Nurses Nightingale Challenge Webinars

The Young Cancer Nurses’ Network Nightingale Challenge will provide young cancer nurses with an opportunity to engage in a series of educational webinars which provide information about personal and professional development in cancer nursing.

New EONS & TouchOncology Webinars on COVID-19 and Cancer Nursing

Protecting your patients and yourself during COVID-19:
A practical guide for cancer nurses

European Cancer Nursing Day #ΕCND20Go4Equality

European Cancer Nursing Day 2020 was celebrated on May 18!

This year’s ECND20 theme was ‘’Health Equality and Access to Universal Care’’ which aligns with World Health Organization (WHO) designation of 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife in a year-long effort to celebrate the work of nurses and midwives.
EONS Cancer Nursing Index 2020

EONS Cancer Nursing
Index 2020

EONS Cancer Nursing Index 2020 was developed by the EONS Advocacy Working Group to illustrate the development and status of this profession in Europe.

The index (with scores from 0-100) includes 22 items covering the following dimensions: Education and Career Development, Patient and Occupational Safety, Recognition, Working Conditions and Impact and Workforce.

EONS Guide to Establish a Cancer Nursing Society

This guide has been prepared by EONS and has been developed in response to member feedback and suggestions. The document is intended to guide cancer nurse leaders to set up a National Cancer Nursing Society (or equivalent) in countries where these societies do not exist, to empower staff of existing national societies to manage their organisation more effectively and strengthen their bond with EONS.
EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

This is a unique opportunity to support the excellent work that cancer nurses do and advance the profession of cancer nursing in Europe.

The Fund will support activities in the following areas:
• Cancer Nursing Education
• Cancer Nursing Research
• Cancer Nursing Capacity Building
• Innovations in Cancer Nursing
Healthcare Conferences UK: Prehabilitation – Principles & Practice for Supporting Patients to Get Fit for Surgery/Treatment
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This conference focuses on Prehabilitation – Principles and Practice, and will provide a practical guide to delivering…
Healthcare Conferences UK: A Practical Guide to Demonstrating and Improving Nurse Prescribing Competence & Practice
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This conference focuses on demonstrating and improving nurse prescribing competence and practice and use of the National…
UKONS Coference: A Virtual Conference
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Due to the COVID-19 situation the UKONS Board has chosen to deliver the UKONS Annual Conference in…
ECCO 2020 Summit
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Working Together Against Cancer: Breaking Down Barriers & Saving Lives Every year, the European Cancer Organisation brings…
Healthcare Conferences UK: Nurse Clinics 2020
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During the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020 we are pleased to announce the 12th Annual…
2nd ESO/EONS Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in oncology nursing
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New date confirmed: Saturday 28 – Monday 30 November , Belgrade, Serbia Chairs:A Eniu, ROGrube, DKLSharp, Sweden…