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Paris 10-12 September

The EONS15 conference will take place in Paris, France, from Saturday-Monday 10-12 September 2022, in partnership with the ESMO 2022 Congress (9-13 September). The theme of our conference is: ‘Quality cancer care: pathways to clinical excellence in cancer nursing’.

EONS – a proud partner in INTERACT-EUROPE training project

On the 27 and 28 June 2022, several members of the EONS team came together with other associations/organisations from all spheres of European cancer care – including surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, educators and more – to launch INTERACT-EUROPE, an ambitious EU project to promote inter-specialty cancer training.
As part of Europe’s new Beating Cancer Plan, EONS is part of a consortium of more than 30 professional associations/organisations and cancer centres from 15 countries who are creating a pioneering curriculum for inter-professional learning and development across borders. INTERACT-EUROPE (also known as Innovative collaboration for Inter-specialty cancer training across Europe), is a project led by the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) and co-funded by the EU4Health programme. The objective is for members of different oncology professions across EU countries to improve their “skills together” through joint training programmes. It is hoped this will enhance common understanding of oncology best practices, and help reduce inequalities in cancer care in Europe. Watch this space for more information.

ECND22 - Supporting cancer nurses in caring for themselves and their patients

This year’s European Cancer Nursing Day (ECND22) took place on 18 May. Its theme was: ‘Supporting cancer nurses in caring for themselves and their patients’.
During the pandemic, existing issues related to burnout, stress and resilience have increased, resulting in many leaving the profession. The campaign focussed on the importance of self-care and well-being for cancer nurses, on occupational health, and on retention and recruitment – all of which impact on the quality of patient care.
A powerful social media campaign – #ECND22Go4SelfCare – helped draw attention to these important issues in cancer nursing.
The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) and Ukraine

EONS stands with the people of Ukraine and supports the oncology workforce and people affected by cancer

The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) is following developments in Ukraine with great sadness. Our mission is to ensure that all people affected by cancer benefit from equal, safe and high quality care. This brutal act of war is endangering all people in Ukraine – including the oncology workforce who, with other healthcare colleagues, are working under unbearable pressure. EONS stands firmly against all forms of violence and is hoping that this appalling situation, and its far-reaching consequences, can be defused for the sake of all innocent parties caught up in it. We encourage people to back European and International organisations in their support of the people of Ukraine. EONS will try its best to find ways to reach out to the oncology workforce and people affected by cancer and help in capacity building where possible.
War only brings loss, sadness and inhumane suffering and we truly hope for a quick, peaceful resolution. Our thoughts are with all the people of Ukraine.
Johan de Munter at the European Cancer Summit 2021

We need to do more to train and retain cancer nurses!

''We have increasing risks around retaining the cancer nursing workforce and having enough cancer nurse specialist in the future. Cancer nurses need access to education, support and recognition. We need to act now!'' says EONS President Johan de Munter during the European Cancer Summit 2021. Johan also signed off The European Cancer Summit 2021 Declaration. Find out more at https://www.europeancancer.org/summit#extra-3
EONS Cancer Nursing Index 2022 - Take the survey!

EONS Cancer Nursing Index 2022 - Take the survey!

We are inviting cancer nurses across Europe to respond to an online survey, covering similar areas as the 2020 version of the Index. However, in this revision, we will focus more on each respondent’s workplace, in order to better highlight regional differences. We have also added questions related to the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences for cancer nursing, as well as questions on staffing levels.
The survey is available in 16 languages – and there is also an invitation letter in all languages outlining our aims. Please help by taking part now!

EONS Guide to Establish a Cancer Nursing Society

This guide has been prepared by EONS and has been developed in response to member feedback and suggestions. The document is intended to guide cancer nurse leaders to set up a National Cancer Nursing Society (or equivalent) in countries where these societies do not exist, to empower staff of existing national societies to manage their organisation more effectively and strengthen their bond with EONS.
EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

This is a unique opportunity to support the excellent work that cancer nurses do and advance the profession of cancer nursing in Europe.

The Fund will support activities in the following areas:
• Cancer Nursing Education
• Cancer Nursing Research
• Cancer Nursing Capacity Building
• Innovations in Cancer Nursing
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