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The importance of cancer screening

Cancer diagnoses continue to affect millions of lives worldwide each year, but the battle against cancer has seen significant progress, thanks in large part to early detection and advancements in cancer screening. Early detection can significantly increase the chances of successful treatment and even prevent cancer in some cases.
EONS Research Working Group

EONS Research Working Group seeks a new member!

The EONS Research Working Group (RWG) is seeking expressions of interest for new members. We currently have two positions available. Members of the RWG must be actively engaged in research related to cancer nursing practice and have the time, enthusiasm, and commitment to help EONS develop research and its impact across Europe. We welcome applications from nurses at all career stages, including young and early career cancer nursing researchers under 34 years of age at the time of application.
PrEvCan challenge

Join the virtual challenge – walk or cycle from Paris to Madrid!

As we approach the EONS23 / ESMO 2023 conference in Madrid this October, ESMO is inviting you to participate in a challenge that will virtually guide you from Paris (the location of the 2022 Congress) to Madrid by biking or walking (for real) the kilometres that are between the two congress cities.

The challenge is part of the PrEvCan campaign, launched at the ESMO Congress 2022 in Paris and initiated and led by EONS with ESMO as key partner, alongside more than 50 international and national organisations. The campaign is based on the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC), which sets out 12 recommendations ranging from physical activity and dietary guidelines all the way to tobacco use and second-hand smoke.

Engage with others taking the virtual challenge at #PrEvCan; #BeAnActiveMember

Welcome to our new President-Elect and Board Member!

President-Elect: Helena Ullgren, Sweden (pictured left).
Board Member: Gülcan Bağçivan, Turkey.
The EONS Board wholeheartedly congratulates Helena and Gülcan and looks forward to welcoming them to future Board meetings. The EONS full membership present at the online EONS General Meeting on Monday 19 June at 18.00 PM CET will be requested to confirm the election result and the appointments. The EONS Board thanks all the candidates for their enthusiasm and interest in engaging with EONS. We also thank everyone who voted for actively engaging with the work of EONS, your Society. EONS full members nominated two candidates for the position of EONS President-Elect and five candidates for the position of EONS Board member.

REGISTER NOW FOR EONS16 – 21-23 October 2023, Madrid, Spain

REGISTER NOW for the next EONS conference – EONS16 – from 21-23 October 2023 and check out the programme at https://cancernurse.eu/eons16/
PrEvCan campaign - September

PrEvCan prevention campaign – Take part in organised screening programmes

The ground-breaking, Europe-wide “Cancer Prevention Across Europe” campaign (PrEvCan) is aimed at reducing the burden of cancer. It focuses on a different theme each month. PrEvCan is initiated and led by the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) with the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) as key campaign partner and with the support of more than 50 other international and national organisations across Europe.
European Cancer Nursing Day - ECND23

ECND23 – 18 May
Shining a light on cancer nursing!

This year’s celebration took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the UK Oncology Nursing Society, and across social media. Our theme was Driving innovation in Cancer Care. #ECND23Go4Innovation.
ECND23 Competition winners

Congratulations to the ECND23 Joint Competition winners!

ESRA IBEK and her team from Bursa Uludağ University Medical Faculty Hospital Health Application and Research Center, in Turkey, won for their video ‘Distraction-Based Interventions During İmplanted Venous Port Catheter Needle Insertion: A Virtual Reality Application’. Through virtual reality glasses, patients watch three-dimensional video nature images, accompanied by music during the needle insertion of the implanted venous port catheter.
MIRIAM HERNANDEZ BAILON and the team at The Supportive Care Department at Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland, won for a video on their innovative workshops that help alleviate patients’ and families’ physical and psychological pain and suffering.
The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) and Ukraine

EONS stands with the people of Ukraine and supports the oncology workforce and people affected by cancer

The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) is following developments in Ukraine with great sadness. Our mission is to ensure that all people affected by cancer benefit from equal, safe and high quality care. This brutal act of war is endangering all people in Ukraine – including the oncology workforce who, with other healthcare colleagues, are working under unbearable pressure. EONS stands firmly against all forms of violence and is hoping that this appalling situation, and its far-reaching consequences, can be defused for the sake of all innocent parties caught up in it. We encourage people to back European and International organisations in their support of the people of Ukraine. EONS will try its best to find ways to reach out to the oncology workforce and people affected by cancer and help in capacity building where possible.
War only brings loss, sadness and inhumane suffering and we truly hope for a quick, peaceful resolution. Our thoughts are with all the people of Ukraine.

EONS Guide to Establish a Cancer Nursing Society

This guide has been prepared by EONS and has been developed in response to member feedback and suggestions. The document is intended to guide cancer nurse leaders to set up a National Cancer Nursing Society (or equivalent) in countries where these societies do not exist, to empower staff of existing national societies to manage their organisation more effectively and strengthen their bond with EONS.
EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

This is a unique opportunity to support the excellent work that cancer nurses do and advance the profession of cancer nursing in Europe.

The Fund will support activities in the following areas:
• Cancer Nursing Education
• Cancer Nursing Research
• Cancer Nursing Capacity Building
• Innovations in Cancer Nursing
EONS16 – 21-23 October 2023 in Madrid, Spain
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