On Monday, 24 June, nominations opened for two positions on the EONS Board: the Early Career Board Member and the Communication Working Group Board Member. Nominations must be submitted by EONS full members (individual members and members of EONS National Oncology Nursing Societies). Each nominee requires at least one proposer who is also an EONS member, confirming the nominee’s availability beforehand.

June newsletter – out now!

EONS June newsletter is out! Catch up on #ECND24Shapethefuture highlights, award winners, and details about the upcoming EONS17 event in Barcelona. Don’t miss updates on grants that are still open and more exciting updates.


The EONS Early Career Research Grant 2024 presents a valuable opportunity for early-career cancer nurses with less than 10 years of clinical experience to receive up to €2500 in funding for their research endeavors. This grant aims to support projects in cancer nursing by covering direct research expenses such as patient involvement, software licenses, methodological courses, and more. Applicants can submit their proposals online until July 31, 2024, with successful recipients set to be announced in September 2024.

CNF grant of €650 to attend EONS17 – Apply Now!

The Cancer Nursing Fund (CNF) is offering a bursary scheme for 10 cancer nurses to attend the EONS17 conference (4 to be offered to the host country – the Spanish National Society). Cancer nurses can apply for a grant of EUR 650 per applicant. The support will fund travel (airfare, train in economy class), accommodation expenses and/or registration fee for EONS17.

Cancer nurses across Europe celebrate ECND24

On 18 May, cancer nurses celebrated EONS' 40th anniversary with the theme "From Knowledge to Action: Shaping the Future of Cancer Nursing."
Check out our key messages and activities at our social media campaign - #ECND24Shapethefuture.
EONS President Virpi Sulosaari on ECND24

ECND24 – video message from EONS President Virpi Sulosaari

Happy European Cancer Nursing Day 2024!! #ECND24Shapethefuture
On 18 May, the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) celebrated the outstanding work and commitment of cancer nurses all over Europe.
Our theme for ECND24 was From Knowledge to Action: Shaping the Future of Cancer Nursing — as we reflect on and celebrate EONS’ 40th anniversary.
In this video EONS President Virpi Sulosaari says: "This ECND24, we look back with pride at all the incredible things our organisation has achieved over the last four decades, but more importantly we look to the future and how, together, we can continue to shape cancer nursing in Europe.
Please join our social media campaign and post your pictures of how you are celebrating the day and innovating to support your patients in your workplace - with the hashtag #ECND24Shapethefuture
Find out more about ECND24 at https://cancernurse.eu/ecnd24/
ECND24 Conference Turku

European Commissioner Stella Kyriakides – video address at ECND24 Conference

The vital work of cancer nurses throughout Europe has been hailed by European Commissioner Stella Kyriakides at ECND 2024 Conference in Turku, Finland, as EONS celebrates its 40th anniversary.
In this video message she talks about the key role of cancer nursing in improving the patient experience and pays tribute to the profession at the heart of cancer care
The overarching theme of the conference: Multiprofessionality and digital innovations in everyday cancer nursing: diversity in patient care and guidance.
EONS Leadership Forum

Forum on 40 years of EONS Cancer Nursing Leadership

The hugely successful Forum on 40 Years of EONS Cancer Nursing Leadership took place at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland, on 15 May, with attendance both live and online. The aims of the Leadership Forum were to:
Raise awareness on importance of cancer nursing leadership.
Provide perspectives on leadership strategies with emphasis on teamwork, adaptability, and well-being at work.
Discuss innovative approaches on clinical and cancer nursing leadership.
Provide examples on clinical leadership in provision of person-centered cancer care.
Every cancer nurse is a leader: perspectives on clinical nursing leadership.
Early Career Nurse Blog

Are you seeking for professional and career growth opportunities? Find some great resources to accelerate!

This month in the ECN Blog, we share various opportunities within EONS if you are interested in advancing in your career and looking for opportunities to grow as a professional.
Opportunities for progression are important for so many reasons...
ROCHE Project Partnership

EONS announces exciting ROCHE Project Partnership

Exciting news! EONS is thrilled to announce a collaborative partnership with Roche for 2024. With over 50 years of expertise in developing medicines and diagnostics to redefine cancer treatment, our joint mission is to enhance patient outcomes through increased awareness, education, and training, specifically focusing on treatment administration in 2024. As cancer rates continue to rise, nurses play a crucial role in caring for a growing number of patients seeking treatment.

Recognising the challenges faced by nurses in delivering quality care amid evolving oncology landscapes and limited resources, this collaboration aims to explore the perspectives of nurses on utilising new administration technologies to improve patient care. Your expertise and insights are invaluable, and we invite you to participate in our survey to help us better understand how we can support you in treating patients. Click below to complete the survey and contribute to advancing cancer care.
2024 is EONS 40th Anniversary

2024 is EONS' 40th Anniversary year!

This year we celebrate all that EONS has achieved in supporting and promoting cancer nursing and cancer nurses over the last four decades – and we look to our future goals and ambitions too.
EONS’ anniversary was marked at ECND24 in May , and will feature at the EONS17 conference in September, and throughout this year. Watch this space!


EONS17 Conference in Barcelona from 14-16 September with the theme: 40 years of European Nursing - Shaping the Future of Healthcare.
The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) and humanitarian crises

EONS stands in unwavering support alongside our fellow healthcare professionals, organisations, and communities facing humanitarian crises

At the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS), we stand in unwavering support alongside our fellow healthcare professionals, organisations, and communities facing humanitarian crises. The impact of such events on cancer care and those navigating their cancer journey during these times is profound. We recognise the added strain on patients, families, and healthcare workers, including the dedicated cancer nurses who play a pivotal role in providing continuous care and support in the face of adversity.

Together, in collaboration with other organisations, we are committed to ensuring that no one has to face these challenges alone. Our mission extends beyond borders, embracing inclusivity and support for all affected by these disasters, irrespective of geography. We aim to work hand in hand with organisations worldwide to mobilise resources, share knowledge, and offer the support needed to rebuild, heal, and strengthen the communities we serve.

EONS Guide to Establish a Cancer Nursing Society

This guide has been prepared by EONS and has been developed in response to member feedback and suggestions. The document is intended to guide cancer nurse leaders to set up a National Cancer Nursing Society (or equivalent) in countries where these societies do not exist, to empower staff of existing national societies to manage their organisation more effectively and strengthen their bond with EONS.
EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

EONS Cancer Nursing Fund

This is a unique opportunity to support the excellent work that cancer nurses do and advance the profession of cancer nursing in Europe.

The Fund will support activities in the following areas:
• Cancer Nursing Education
• Cancer Nursing Research
• Cancer Nursing Capacity Building
• Innovations in Cancer Nursing
EONS16 – 21-23 October 2023 in Madrid, Spain
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