EONS’ Strategy

European Oncology Nursing Society – Strategic Plan
2024 to 2028

EONS Strategic Priorities and Objectives for 2024-2028 are set out in full in the EONS Strategy 2024-2028 document, which you can also download from the further information column of this page. (An Executive Summary is also available.)

EONS Strategy Update Process 2022-2023

The process of updating the EONS strategy for 2024-2028 included several phases of consultation with key stakeholders, including workshops and consultations with the EONS Board, EONS team, EONS Advisory Council, Working Groups and EONS members. The updated strategy was introduced at the EONS General Meeting in June 2023.

EONS Strategy for 2024-2028

EONS values need to be central to our activities, to our thinking and to the implementation of the strategy. The values inform and influence how our expertise and actions are expressed in concrete behaviour in EONS.

EONS Values

EONS’ core values are equity, integrity, diversity, inclusiveness, responsibility and respectfulness. The core strength of EONS comes from its members and team, who are committed to advancing cancer nursing and care, through better healthcare systems, research, education, advocacy and investment in healthy and safe work environments, and to sustainable and quality care for people affected by cancer across their lifespan.

EONS Vision

Our vision is that people affected by cancer are cared for by specialist cancer nurses across Europe. We envisage cancer nurses becoming confident and empowered, operating as leaders in practice, research, education and policy within the multidisciplinary cancer care setting. We envision a Europe where the health system fluently manages the onboarding of early career nurses and nurses at all career stages.

More precisely, we want to see nurses:

  • finding meaning and satisfaction in safe and rewarding work environments
  • able to practice to the full extent of their expertise
  • enjoying partnership and collaboration with nursing teams, multidisciplinary teams and the European and international cancer nursing communities.

EONS Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership to ensure that all people affected by cancer benefit from the care of educated and competent cancer nurses. We bring together clinicians, academics, policy makers and patient advocates in order to advance evidence-based cancer nursing and the care of people affected by cancer, and to empower and enable cancer nurses to practice safely and to the full extent of their expertise.