EONS’ Strategy

European Oncology Nursing Society – Strategic Plan, 2018 to 2023


The EONS Strategy 2018 to 2023 was developed by the EONS Board and members in workshops and meetings that took place from February to May 2018. The strategic content and goals have been developed in response to the findings of the ongoing research project Recognising European Cancer Nursing (RECaN), current European healthcare challenges and the extensive knowledge and experience of EONS’ cancer nurses who attended the strategic planning meeting.

EONS’ Reach
EONS has members in 31 countries across Europe. When the terms Europe or ‘European continent’ are used, this refers to the 53 countries in WHO Europe2. The European Union (EU) refers to the smaller block of 27 Member States.

EONS’ mission, vision and values

EONS is an umbrella organisation providing leadership in all areas of cancer nursing, research, practice, continuing education, communications and advocacy for better recognition of cancer nursing across Europe. Our mission is to ensure that all people affected by cancer benefit from the care of highly educated, well-informed and competent cancer nurses.

Our vision is that cancer nursing will be recognised by the cancer community, national and European level policy makers, as a profession with specialised training and qualifications available across the continent. Working conditions for cancer nurses will be optimal, providing a commensurate financial income as well as protecting and promoting individual well-being. We anticipate that this will produce a relatable improvement in the health and clinical outcomes for people affected by cancer. Finally, we envisage that all our members will become confident and empowered cancer nurses operating as leaders in research, practice and education within multi-professional teams.

The core strength of EONS comes from our members. We recognise the diverse aspects of nursing across Europe and strive for equality for all cancer nurses regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or disability. The improvement of patient safety and better clinical outcomes for cancer patients and their families is central to our work. The society firmly believes in working in partnerships across sectors and professions who share our goals and values.

The strategic C A R E plan

The CARE strategy will be implemented by the EONS Board, management team and our four working groups who focus on:

  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Education

Strategic goals

All strategic goals are equal and assume no hierarchy. By the end of 2023, EONS will have achieved the following:

  1. Cancer nursing is recognised across Europe for its positive impact on the lives of people affected by cancer through C.A.R.E. – Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education.
  2. All cancer nurses have access to specialised education that is aligned with the EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework.
  3. All cancer nurses gain official recognition, reward and respect as a result of the RECaN and advocacy campaigns.
  4. All cancer nurses are connected in order to exchange and share information and support for their work.
  5. EONS facilitates, leads and promotes collaborative cancer nursing research across Europe.
  6. EONS leads EU-wide advocacy initiatives at EU policy level.
  7. EONS provides evidence-based advice to people and organisations affected by cancer on healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention

Organisational goals

By 2023, EONS will have:

  1. Achieved financial sustainability
  2. Established a collaborative system for each working group to be engaged in helping to achieve EONS’ strategic and organisational goals
  3. Integrated the Young Cancer Nurses network fully into all EONS’ work
  4. Engaged all our members to work on our mission
  5. Provided support for all nurses caring for people affected by cancer through working towards our strategic goals.