EONS Education Working Group

The EONS Education Working Group commits to pursuing activities that contribute towards the achievement of the EONS Strategic Goals.


The education working group will support the overall EONS strategic goals by:

  • Recognising and supporting accessible education to meet the learning needs of cancer nurses across Europe.
  • Promoting and creating opportunities so cancer nurses can learn from and teach each other, the inter-professional team and those affected by cancer at any point across the care continuum.    
  • Striving to ensure that all cancer nursing education which is developed, delivered, and endorsed by EONS is evidence based and aligned with by the EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework. 
  • Supporting the vision that people affected by cancer are cared for by specialist cancer nurses across Europe by providing a point of reference and a network of expertise to those who develop and deliver education and development opportunities for cancer nurses across Europe.             
  • Leading on education related activities within EONS supporting and influencing education priorities.