Early Career Nurses

Early Career Nurses

The Early Career Nurses Working Group (ECN WG) was established in January 2024. The members of this WG are available in the further Information section under ECN WG. More information about the ECN WG will be available shortly on this webpage.


• To identify issues and challenges experienced by young cancer nurses throughout Europe and develop strategies to ameliorate issues and challenges.
• To work in close partnership with the Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education WGs to address issues affecting young cancer nurses.
• To work together with National Oncology Nursing Societies and key stakeholders on relevant issues which affect young cancer nurses.
• To build capacity and provide opportunities for young cancer nurses throughout Europe to engage in professional development, learning and networking opportunities.
• To promote and expand the reach of EONS’ and its activities to young cancer nurses throughout Europe.
• To support the development, implementation and dissemination of EONS’ activities and opportunities which promote professional development, and empower young cancer nurses to become leaders in cancer nursing.

Executive ECN board representative

In 2021, Nikolina Dodlek was elected the new Young Cancer Nurse (YCN) representative on the EONS Board.

Previous YCN Board representatives

At EONS12, EONS welcomed Amanda Drury (pictured) as the Young Cancer Nurse (YCN) representative on the EONS Board.

This position now has full voting rights, reflecting the importance that EONS puts on young cancer nurses in our organisation and as the future of the profession. EONS thanked Sara Parreira, the first Young Cancer Nurses European representative for EONS, for all her hard work in establishing this role.