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Nutrition in cancer – “NutriCaNurse”

“NutriCaNurse” is a short name for the latest EONS education project – an education webinar for cancer nurses. The main aim is to provide guidance regarding the knowledge, skills and competencies in nutrition for nurses who care for people affected by cancer. There will be three outputs from this project:

1. Webinar on Nutrition in Cancer – live and on demand on the EONS website towards the end of 2020. The webinar will be translated (with subtitles) into 2 languages and will cover the following content:

  • Prevalence and causes of malnutrition in cancer patients
  • Assessment and treatment principles of malnutrition in cancer patients
  • Nutritional care and dietetic recommendations

2. Booklet – a practical guide for cancer nurses based on the webinar
3. Article – an overview of the current status of knowledge, gaps and recommendations.

Join the Twitter Chat

A NutriCaNurse Twitter Chat will take place on Thursday 8 October at 19.00-20.00 CET. The moderator is Mary Tanay (EONS, Communications WG) and the expert panel will be confirmed in due course.

How to join: When the time comes, log on to Twitter and search for the hashtag #EONSChat and go to ‘Latest’ tab  or follow the discussion through the EONS Twitter account: @cancernurseEU

EONS Task Group Members:

  • Virpi Sulosaari, Chair, Finland
  • Sara Torcato Parreira, Cancer Nurse Expert, Portugal

This project is in collaboration with The European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) & European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN).
EONS would like to thank the Medical Nutrition Industry (MNI) for their support through a restricted educational grant.

Cancer Therapy-Induced Nausea & Vomiting in Adults

This is an education initiative aimed at cancer nurses to help them better understand the mechanisms and effective management of cancer induced nausea and/or vomiting (N/V), including delayed onset. You can download it now from this page. Key points to remember and suggestions for practice change are included. The brochure serves as a teaching tool for nurses in clinical practice.

Task group members:

  • Anita Margulies, co-chair, Switzerland
  • Patrick Jahn, co-chair, Germany
  • Anki Delin Eriksson, Sweden
  • Sara Torcato Parreira, Portugal
  • Cheryl Vidall, UK

Medical Advisor:

  • Prof Dr Karin Jordan, Germany

The EONS “GUIDANCE – Therapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting” brochure was launched at EONS12 at ESMO 2019 Congress in Barcelona, in September 2019. EONS thanks Helsinn and TesaroBio for their support through a restricted educational grant.

Small Translation Grants are available for this brochure, for more information please contact eons.director@cancernurse.eu


This new edition of target has been developed to give nurses a better understanding of the characteristics associated with cancer development and how targeted therapies have improved patient outcomes by inhibiting or manipulating these oncogenic characteristics (Hanahan & Weinberg 2011). Emphasis on nursing practice and patient support throughout treatment remain the main focus of the target programme.

The policy of multi-pharma support allows the content of the target material to be not only generally applicable to all targeted therapies, but also neutral in its presentation. Nurses are involved with all drugs, all tumour entities, all patients and all health economic situations. It is the goal of EONS to give its member societies sufficient information and educational support to be able to meet the continually growing demands of the oncology health sector.

Offering a target course through your society, interest group or institution, you will be giving nurses one of the best possible courses to understand this dynamically growing treatment area and will give them the knowledge to improve care and support for patients and their caregivers.  This update has been made possible by Amgen, Bayer, Merck, Novartis, Roche, Takeda and MSD.

The updated materials are available to EONS individual or national society members who wish to organise a target course in their own country. To apply, please fill in the  online application form

EONS invites national oncology nursing societies/institutions to apply for financial support to translate the updated 2020 Target materials. Please note that the materials are already available in English, Dutch and German on request to the EONS secretariat.

Translation grant(s) of up to 6,000€ are available for the target training materials. Applicants from countries with similar languages are invited to collaborate in order to avoid duplication of resources. Further criteria are available in the application form.


EONS’ first mobile application aims to assist cancer nurses in assessing and addressing the needs of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer according to the latest evidence-based assessment tools and management interventions. Emphasis is particularly placed on assessing and addressing the needs more frequently reported by patients which have been left unmet during their care. The app is available for download here.

This tool has been made possible by a restricted education grant from Amgen and Takeda.


The EONS TITAN programme is a training and education initiative designed to improve nurses’ skills and knowledge when working with patients with cancer-related thrombocytopenia, anaemia and neutropenia. An updated programme (2018) is now available to EONS individual or national society members who wish to organise a TITAN course in their own country.

To apply for a copy of the Titan materials please complete the online application form

The TITAN 2018 update provides comprehensive up-to-date information about the management of these cancer treatment-related complications and guidelines on patient education, and consists of:

  • A pre-course book
  • 7 slide power point presentations
  • Guidelines for TITAN 2018 organisers
  • Guidelines for creating a case study
  • Pre-course test
  • Programme sample
  • Course evaluation form

Task group members:

  • Erik van Muilekom, chair, The Netherlands
  • Patrick Crombez, co-chair, Belgium
  • Johan de Munter, Belgium
  • Christine Schneider-Worliczek, Austria
  • Arno Mank, The Netherlands
  • Elisabeth Wallhult, Sweden

EONS would like to thank AMGEN, TAKEDA and TEVA Pharmaceuticals for their support through an unrestricted educational grant. This TITAN update is an EONS/EMBT joint project.

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