EONS Endorsement

What does EONS endorse?

We endorse cancer nursing educational events which may include conferences, study days, webinars, short courses, modules, and programmes of study.

Why seek endorsement from EONS?

  • As cancer nursing education across Europe varies widely, EONS seeks to promote high quality cancer nursing educational events wherever they take place.
  • Endorsement by EONS acknowledges that an educational event reflects the core values of the EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework
  • EONS endorsed nursing educational events are those that are officially recognised as being relevant and important for EONS members.
  • Endorsement by EONS allows the organisers of the educational event to use the EONS logo on the programme, at the venue and in its advertisement initiatives specifically related to the proposed event.

What is the criteria for endorsement?

  • The proposed educational event fits within EONS policies, strategies, and values.
  • The event must be relevant to cancer nurses.
  • The event organisers must provide clear learning outcomes and be able to demonstrate that the learning outcomes align with those of the Educational Framework of EONS.
  • The event organisers must be able to demonstrate that the educational event was developed, and will be delivered by suitable qualified persons with the necessary expertise and without undue influence from industry.
  • Sponsorship or economical support has to be revealed, including disclosure on conflict of interest.
  • Speakers should be active in the domain of cancer nursing or related field and originate from different professions where possible.
  • EONS reserves the right to refuse endorsement where it has been determined that relevant criteria has not been met.
  • EONS reserves the right to revoke endorsement.

What is the procedure for seeking endorsement?

  • EONS must have been approached early enough (at least two months) before the proposed event to provide sufficient time to review the proposed learning outcomes, content, presenters and/or programme, and to advertise the event.
  • The online application form must be used to submit the application.
  • Information required should include, but is not limited to information regarding the organisation, the event, the content, the speakers, and how it aligns with the EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework.
  • The event programme, including details of topics, speakers and sources of sponsorship must be made available for review. This should be uploaded as part of the application procedure.
  • There are three potential outcomes following discussion of the application by the relevant subcommittee of the EONS Educational Working Group;
    – Event is endorsed
    – Further information required before a decision can be made
    -Event is not endorsed.
  • To view an example of a completed application form for a study day, click here.
  • To view an example of a completed application form for a module or programme, click here.
  • To view the criteria by which EONS reviewers evaluate endorsement applications click here.

How long does EONS endorsement last?

  • Endorsement lasts for a period of three (3) years.
  • If there are significant changes to the educational content of a repeated event (i.e. conference/study day),  a new application will need to be submitted.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the agreed period of EONS endorsement is not exceeded.

What happens once the event is endorsed by EONS?

  • The applicant will be provided with an electronic EONS logo for use on all relevant documentation (paper and electronic) which relates to the endorsed event.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the EONS logo is used appropriately and for the agreed period of endorsement only.

What are the fees for EONS endorsement?

  • Application fees are currently €1000 for Industry/For Profit.
  • Fees are normally waived for Not For Profit organisations e.g. Professional Societies/Universities.
  • Once an application from Industry/For Profit is received by EONS, an invoice will be issued to the applicant.
  • Payment of fees must occur in advance of the Endorsement review process.
  • Payment does not mean that the application will be endorsed.

What does EONS not endorse?

  • EONS will consider requests to endorse specific educational events or series of events, EONS does not provide endorsement to organisations as a whole.
  • Industry who seek endorsement specifically for their products will not be endorsed.

Where can I find the EONS endorsement application form?

  • To apply  for endorsement, please complete the online application form by clicking here.