EONS Advocacy Working Group

The EONS Advocacy Working Group commits to pursuing activities that contribute towards the achievement of the EONS Strategic Goals as outlined in the 2018 to 2023 Strategy.

Advocacy Working Group Objectives and Actions (updated September 2022):

Advocacy Working Group Objectives  Advocacy Working group Actions  
By the end of 2023, the WG will have explored and described cancer nursing education and how it is regulated for all EONS member countries.   Continue to describe and present differences in cancer nursing education across Europe through the Cancer Nursing Index 2022, safety questionnaire etc.

By 2023 the EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework will be implemented in minimum 10 EU member states – to get the status of a Common Training Framework in EU
The AWG will continue to have an active role in EONS work to identify and support national cancer nursing organizations to improve education and career possibilities, using EONS Education Framework and other tools.  
By the end of 2020, EONS Advocacy WG will be trained and experienced advocates and all should have had online or face-to-face training  Continue to offer advocacy training for new AWG members.   Develop an advocacy tool kit   Offer advocacy support to other WGs and Board    
By the end of 2022 present a toolkit for all nurses to become advocates   Raise awareness and influence policy on the importance of cancer nurses working conditions and the impact on occupational and patient safety.   Being the point of reference by collecting information related to oncology policy/legislation and cancer nursing and using this data seek to influence.  Develop an Advocacy tool kit   Cancer Nursing Index 2022.   Workplace accreditation (work in progress).   Safety webinars   Having an active role in the development of EUs guidelines on handling hazardous cancer drugs  
Have an action role in cancer nursing research in collaboration with other WGs.   Lead the work and submit at least three scientific papers related to Advocacy by December 2023.PrEv-can
(Focus group study among vulnerable groups)   Further analysis of EONS Patient and occupational safety questionnaire (for scientific publication)   In 2023, analyse and compare Cancer Nursing Index Index data (2020 and 2022) for scientific publication)   EJON Publication on cancer nursing development in Europe  
Continue to advocate for cancer nursing on European level.   Identify and collaborate with the European stakeholders that deal with issues of concern to EONS, cancer nurses and people with cancer  PrEv-can   EONS work-place accreditation tool   Be involved in the development of EUs Beating Cancer Plan    
Advocate to healthier working environments, health looking behaviors and the role of oncology nursing on preventionPrEvCan   Collaborating with IARC in the development of their online cancer prevention education.    
 Contribute to EONS general objective when appropriate.
To raise awareness of the  specific needs of YCNsActively collaborate with the YCN network and support their activities (webinars, twitter chats, mentoring program, etc).

Join the EONS Advocacy Working Group! *The call is now CLOSED

Are you passionate about advocacy? The EONS Advocacy Working Group is looking for four new members to help shape the future of cancer nursing across Europe. Here’s what you need to know:

Mission: Advance cancer nursing’s role in comprehensive care, professional development, and policy-making across Europe.

Duties: Provide advice on advocacy efforts, engage with policymakers, and raise awareness of current cancer care issues.

Time Commitment: Anticipate 2-3 hours per month.

Eligibility: EONS member or part of a national cancer nursing society, aged under 35, ideally from France, Germany, Balkans, or Eastern Europe.

Deadline: Submit your CV and motivation letter by November 3.

Ready to make a difference? Contact Rudi Brike at Learn more at AWG new member call 2023