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EONS Travel & Accommodation Policy

This policy outlines the travel, accommodation, and reimbursement policy of the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS asbl/vzw) for all the EONS Board members, EONS Staff and contractors, invited guests, speakers for EONS events, Working Group members, and anyone whose travel, accommodation and supplementary costs are to be reimbursed by EONS. Adherence to this policy is essential for ensuring the responsible use of EONS funds and minimising our environmental impact.

* Please download the Policy, Appendix and Expense Form from the Further Information column of this page. We strongly advise claimants to read all the documents fully to ensure their claim is correctly submitted and they receive their reimbursement smoothly.

  • The Policy document sets out WHAT you can and cannot claim for
  • The Appendix is a step by step guide to HOW to make your claim
  • The Form is an Excel spreadsheet in which you enter your claim

This policy is designed to ensure that all EONS travel and accommodation expenditures are reasonable, cost-effective, and comply with the relevant financial regulations and guidelines. It is especially important to note that when EONS events are co-funded by EU grants, specific reimbursement rules apply which must be followed strictly.

Claims for reimbursement should be made within 30 days of the travel taking place, and the right for expense reimbursement will expire 60 days after the travel date. Please note that EONS withholds 4 weeks for processing the expense claim from receiving the correct format of it. However, it is important to submit the claim within the initial 30-day period to ensure eligibility for reimbursement within the 60-day timeframe.

Please note: all reimbursements will be made after the event not beforehand.

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