Awards & Grants

EONS awards are designed to recognise excellence in the field of cancer nursing. This might mean an outstanding contribution to clinical practice, a research innovation or high-quality work in nurse education.

ECND20 Strengthening Equality in Healthcare Award

This Year of the Nurse and Midwife we decided to recognise two outstanding cancer nurses for their work in a special ‘ECND Strengthening Equality in Healthcare Award’. We received some excellent nominations which were assessed carefully by the EONS Board.

In the context of cancer, health inequalities result in patients having poor access to specialised treatment and being deprived of the opportunity to be cared for by specialised healthcare professionals, including cancer nurses.
“Providing competent, specialised, safe and equal treatment options to patients requires a collective effort among healthcare professionals, institutions and policy makers.
“From a cancer nursing perspective, there is a strong commitment to addressing and ultimately eliminating health inequalities. EONS is actively supporting these efforts by awarding the ECND Strengthening Equality in Healthcare Award 2020 to two excellent cancer nurses acknowledging their contribution to reducing inequalities in healthcare.”  

EONS President Andreas Charalambous

On the eve of European Cancer Nursing Day (18 May 2020 ), EONS President Andreas Charalambous announced the winners: Bodil Westman, Sweden, and Celia Diez de los Rios, Spain. Many congratulations to them both! They have received a free registration to the EONS13 conference in September 2020. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the award.

Novice Research Dissemination Award

The winner of the Novice Research Dissemination Award 2023 is Adriana Kolstrøm, Norway, an oncology nurse, working in home care, for her abstract: ‘From difficulty to meaning – Palliative cancer patients experience on advance care planning conversation and having a palliative plan‘.

The last 17 years Adriana has worked in oncology. Since she graduated as a nurse she has been interested in research, but she did not have the opportunity to do it until 2020.

Adriana said “My unique combination of education, skills and work experience has allowed me to develop my research strength. Through the master’s degree between 2020- 2022, I developed those skills, which resulted in a study, from which I presented my abstract. I am still a novice but by conducting this study I have gained more desire to further develop myself as a nurse, and to contribute to professional development in order to give patients the best care. It is my goal to learn and grow throughout my career, and this nomination strengthens my self confidence and the desire to continue this path. My desire, when I sent the abstract, was to make known the results of the study for other nurses outside Norway, as well and implicitly to make known a part of work of home-care nurses from Kristiansund.”

The winner of this award in 2022 was Silvia Ucciero, from Italy, for her abstract ‘Informal caregivers’ contributions to self-care for patients treated with oral anticancer agents: A qualitative study’.

Download Abstract

Silvia is a PhD student in nursing and public health at the University of Rome – Tor Vergata, and she deals with self-care in cancer patients taking oral anticancer drugs. She is a nurse at the onco-hematology department of the Hospital of Romagna, Ravenna, Italy and lecturer in palliative care at the University of Bologna, Italy.

Silvia was presented with her award by EONS President Johan de Munter
at EONS15 in Paris, September 2022.

2021 saw two winners of this award: Mary van Zyl, UK and Marco Di Nitto, Italy – Congratulations to them both!

Winners: Mary van Zyl, UK and Marco Di Nitto, Italy

Read both abstracts to find out about their research.

2020 saw two winners of this award: Phillipa Jupp and Lin Cheng. Congratulations to them both!

Phillipa Jupp won with a presentation on patient and staff experiences of online clinics, drawing on the findings of an in-depth patient questionnaire. Phillipa also found that nurse- and pharmacist-led telephone services can be a useful tool as pressure on services increases. This hands-on research will be extremely beneficial in the drive to take cancer nursing forward using new and existing technologies.

Lin Cheng’s abstract was entitled “Self-management interventions can promote health-related quality of life after primary treatment for early-stage breast cancer, but to what extent? A critical synthesis of the evidence.” The conclusion was that SMIs are potentially effective after primary treatment for breast cancer, although effect sizes are small and inconsistent across HRQoL domains, and recommended that more rigorous development and testing, as well as co-creation with potential recipients from the early development stages or at the refinement phase. 

About the Novice Research Dissemination Award

This award is an initiative of the EONS Research Working Group that was launched in 2013. The award is intended to give cancer nurses, who are relatively new to research, an opportunity to present their research at an international conference. Therefore, it is only open to cancer nurses who have not yet presented their research outside their own country.

To be eligible for the award, the abstract presenter/lead author must:

  • Be a cancer nurse with less than five years’ research experience
  • Be an EONS member (either an individual member or a member of her/his national oncology nursing society)
  • Have no previous experience of presenting their research at an international conference.

Applicants for the Novice Dissemination Award will be contacted and requested to submit supporting documents to confirm their eligibility, including:

  • Cover letter (1 page)
  • CV (<2 pages)
  • Letter from line manager/supervisor confirming the applicants’ eligibility.

If the abstract presenter/lead author cannot prove that they are meeting the specified eligibility criteria, they will not be considered for the award.

EONS Lifetime Achievement Award

The EONS Lifetime Achievement Award is designed to honour an outstanding personal and professional contribution made by an individual to the field of cancer nursing.

To be considered for this award, a person must have made a significant contribution to cancer nursing during their professional career. This contribution could be in clinical practice, leadership, research or education – or a combination of these.

Lifetime Achievement Award 2023

Many congratulations to Professor Daniel Kelly, OBE, recipient of the EONS Lifetime Achievement Award at EONS16 in Madrid. Professor Kelly was EONS President from 2015-2017 and is currently co-chair of ECO HPV Action Network. He joined Cardiff University in 2011 as the Royal College of Nursing Chair of Nursing Research. EONS President Virpi Sulosaari (left) and President-Elect Helena Ullgren presented the award. Virpi thanked Danny for all his exceptional work to develop and promote the cancer nursing profession.

Full profile of Professor Kelly

Lifetime Achievement Award 2022

Many congratulations to Theresa Wiseman, from the UK, who has been awarded the 2022 EONS Lifetime Achievement Award by EONS President Johan de Munter at EONS15. As Professor of Applied Health Research in Cancer Care at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Theresa is held in high esteem and deep affection by all those she has worked with and those she has mentored and supported. She has made a huge contribution to the work of EONS as a highly-valued Board member over many years and at a senior level on the EONS Education Working Group. Her contribution to the advancement of cancer nursing education and research through teaching and writing has been immense and is greatly appreciated by the entire nursing community across the UK and Europe.

Lifetime Achievement Award 2021
Many congratulations to Lena Sharp, Sweden, who has received the EONS Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding personal and professional contribution to the field of cancer nursing and for her strong involvement as a role model in cancer nursing leadership. Lena is a former President of EONS.

Lena Sharp

Lifetime Achievement Award 2020
Huge CONGRATULATIONS go to former EONS President Erik van Muilekom (pictured), from the Netherlands, who has received the EONS Lifetime Achievement Award 2020!

Erik van Muilekom started his nursing career in 1987. After his general training, he specialised in oncology and became a staff nurse at a surgical ward for abdominal surgery at the Netherlands Cancer Instituut-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam. He became a clinical nurse specialist in 2001 and finished his master degree in Advanced Nursing Practice in 2007. His focus in uro-oncology is the care and treatment of patients with localized and metastasised prostate, bladder and penile cancer, in a standard care and clinical trial setting. Erik has held many senior positions in the cancer nursing field. He has also been a faculty member of the prestigious EONS-ESO Masterclass.

Erik van Muilekom

Lifetime Achievement Award 2019
The award was given to Elisabeth Patiraki to acknowledge her high commitment to cancer patients and advancing cancer nursing and for her strong involvement in EONS as a former EONS Board member, former member of the EONS Research WG and for her lasting involvement in enhancing and endorsing multi-professionality and building bridges across all disciplines. The Award was presented during the EONS12 Congress at ESMO 2019.

Elisabeth Patiraki

RECaN Award

The RECaN Award is presented annually to a cancer nurse who has made an outstanding contribution.

RECaN 2023 Award – Bethany Maynard

Congratulations to Bethany Maynard for her exceptional work for young cancer nurses. Bethany studied for her undergraduate Adult Nursing degree at University of Surrey in the south of England and qualified in 2013. Since qualifying, she has worked at Southampton General Hospital in Oncology. For the first three and a half year she worked as a staff nurse on a Medical Oncology ward, giving chemotherapy and caring for people when they were admitted with complications. Since 2016, she has been working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Medical Oncology, as well as in the Acute Oncology Service at Southampton General. Alongside this, she has been studying for a Masters degree in Advanced Clinical Practice. She spends her days working alongside the medical teams assessing patients on the wards as well as triaging patients, admitting and assessing them in emergency situations. Her areas of interest and expertise are Medical Oncology and Acute Oncology.

The 2022 RECaN Award was presented to Nikolina Dodlek during the EONS15 Congress in Paris. The award acknowledges her high commitment to cancer nursing in Croatia, serving as an important role model for young cancer nurses not only in her own country but at a European level.

Amanda Drury

The 2021 Award was presented to Amanda Drury, Ireland, for her work as a role model in the EONS Young Cancer Work Network.

Michaela Popelkova

The 2020 Award was presented to Michaela Popelkova, Czech Republic
Michaela graduated as a nurse in 2017 at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, in Prague. The topic of her bachelor thesis was “Multidisciplinary care of the patient with breast cancer”. She was fascinated by cancer nursing and decided to work at the Oncology Department in Motol University Hospital in Prague – inpatient unit and day unit. She became a chief nurse of these units after one year. Michaela attended the ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing in 2018 in Budapest. She is an active member of the Czech Nurses Association – Oncology Section, and tries to improve the possibilities of education for oncology nurses in the Czech Republic. Michaela was a member of the Czech oncology nurses team which won the right to host ECND2019 in Prague.

In 2019 at the EONS12 Conference, the RECaN Award was presented to Sara Torcato Parreira, of Portugal, for her exceptional work in setting up and supporting the EONS Young Cancer Nurse (YCN) Group.

Sara Torcato Parreira

In 2018 the first RECaN Award was presented to Lemme-Liis Jääger, from Estonia, at the EONS11 conference in Germany.

Lemme-Liis Jääger


EONS has created a range of grants, all with the ultimate purpose of encouraging nurses to do excellent work and improve the general standard of cancer nursing in Europe. Each grant represents a different opportunity for a nurse to enhance their career.


Up to €2500

Purpose of the grant

The aim of this grant is to support early career cancer nurses in developing or conducting a research project within their field of practice.

What does it fund?

The grant must be used to cover direct research costs, e.g. patient and public involvement, software licences, methodological courses, costs for data collection and analysis.

What does it not fund?

The grant will not fund tuition, publication fees, conferences or salary.

Requirements for applicants

  • Applicants must be an early career cancer nurse, with less than ten years of clinical experience in oncology.
  • Applicants may hold a pre-doctoral degree (e.g. RN, BSc, Graduate Diploma, MSc, or PhD candidates), or have defended their PhD within one year.
  • Applicants must have identified a clinical/academic mentor who will support the conduct of the project. Mentors must hold a PhD degree. A letter of support will be required.
  • Applicants must be an individual member of EONS or a member of EONS through a National Society or Associate member.
  • Applicants must provide a letter of support from her/his employer (including employer’s contact info) to conduct the proposed activity.

Desirable Criteria:

Proposals submitted by nurses who work in clinical settings will be prioritised.

Priority will be given to applicants who have not received a previous EONS grant.

Previous participation in the EONS Masterclass and/or EONS Research Workshops will not affect applicants’ eligibility for this grant.

Funding applications, which have a matched co-funding commitment from the applicant’s employer, will be considered favourably.

Where co-funding is available, the employer should state it in the letter of support.

The co-funding amount committed to the project must be provided in the detailed budget.

Submission format and content

The following information is required and should be provided:

1. Online application form

a. Principal applicant information (contact details, professional activity)

b. Researcher/group information (contact details, roles in the project)

c. Impact of this grant for the applicants’ career (150 words max)

d. Research proposal (500 words max, including: background/rationale, aims/objectives, methods, timeframe, expected outcomes, and dissemination plan.)

2. A detailed budget in Euros, including

a. total funding requested from the EONS Early Career Research Grant

b. cost and justification for all budget items.

c. details and amount of co-funding (if applicable)

3. A letter of support from:

            a. the applicants’ employer, and

b. the applicants’ clinical/academic mentor

4. 2 Pages CV of the applicant

Criteria of evaluation

Submitted proposals will be evaluated by the research committee on the following criteria: 

  • Formal eligibility of the applicant
  • Rationale for the conducting the research
  • Aims / Objectives of the research proposal
  • Suitability of the method(s)
  • Feasibility / planning of the research proposal
  • Expected outcomes
  • Dissemination plan
  • Impact of the research in applicant’s field of practice
  • Benefit of this grant for the applicant’s career
  • Justification and appropriateness of the budget

Payment and reporting schedule

  • Costs are reimbursed upon production of a receipt or invoice. The applicant must submit receipts for all costs associated with the grant. 20% of funds will be withheld until the final reports (see below) are submitted.
  • Applicants are required to submit a short report within 12 months of receiving the grant (500 words) to EONS detailing what has been gained from the experience and what outcomes have been achieved as a result. This report will be published on the EONS website and EONS newsletter.
  • Beneficiaries of the EONS early career research development grant need to acknowledge EONS in all communication and dissemination activities related to the funded project.

How to apply

The call is now closed.

Announcement of successful applicants in September 2023

A “Questions and Answers” session related to this call will be held online in mid-April. More information will follow at this webpage.

Early Career Research Grant TG:

Sara Colomer-Lahiguera, PhD

Karin Dieperink, PhD

Greg Kotronoulas, PhD

Cherith Semple, PhD

Gülcan Bağçivan, PhD

Co-chairs Research WG:

Amanda Drury

Greg Kotronoulas

Early Career Research Grant 2023

We are happy to inform our members that Cristina Tebar (Spain) has been selected to receive this year’s grant.

Cristina finished her nursing degree in 2014 at University of Alicante, Spain. After that she was working as a staff nurse at Barts Hospital, London, UK in a haematology cancer ward while she studied a Postgraduate at Royal Marsden. In 2019, she returned to Spain, and she worked for two years in the haemato-oncology where she studied a Research Master’s Degree. Since 2020, she is part of the Research Group of the Breast Cancer Unit of the Hospital Clinico Universitario of Valencia, where she is working as a research oncology nurse.

She is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Valencia. Her research focuses on the quality of life, fertility and sexual health of women with breast cancer. The purpose of this project is to explore and demonstrate the breadth and depth of sexual health in breast cancer patients and their QOL. The aim is to validate the proposed questionnaire as a tool that can objectively assess sexual health in patients.

Early Career Development Grant 2022

We are happy to announce that Eysan Hanzade Umac has been selected to receive this year’s grant.

Eyşan started her nursing career in 2018. After her undergraduate education, she became a staff nurse at American Hospital in Istanbul. She finished her master’s degree in nursing in 2020, and then she started her PhD. Now, she is a PhD student and Teaching and Research Assistant at Koç University School of Nursing in Istanbul, Turkey. She focuses on the pain management among pediatric oncology patients.

The purpose of the project is to develop a biofeedback-based virtual reality game and evaluate the effect of biofeedback in a virtual reality game on pain, fear, and anxiety during port needle insertion among pediatric oncology patients.

Read her report

EONS Early Career Development Grant 2021

The 2021 call is now closed and we are happy to announce that Ezgi Bilmiç has been selected to receive this year’s grant.

Ezgi Bilmiç is currently studying for a master’s degree in nursing at Koç University School of Nursing in Istanbul, Turkey. Ezgi worked as a research assistant on a research project there last year. Currently, she is an early career oncology nurse working at an outpatient chemotherapy unit in a state hospital in Turkey. Her research focus area is pain management in cancer patients. The aim of Ezgi’s project is reducing patient-induced barriers in pain management in cancer patients using pain management training and the latest evidence in this field.

Read her report

ESO-EONS Clinical Fellowship for Cancer Nurses 2024

Call for applications are now open!

This fellowship programme is a collaboration between EONS and the European School of Oncology (ESO).

The aim is to encourage the reduction of variability in outcomes of cancer care between countries, as well as within regions in each country, by giving cancer professionals the chance to experience working in multiprofessional teams in accredited centres in Europe. 

The nurses’ clinical training centres programme will offer cancer nurses the opportunity to spend a period in a clinical setting specially designed to increase knowledge, improve professional development and to encourage mobility within EU and different countries.

At the end of the training period at the host centre, it is anticipated that candidates, as well as having improved their skills and knowledge in cancer nursing, will be given a good overview of all the issues involved in the running of a successful Cancer Unit.

ESO will refund the cancer nurse with relevant travel costs and a grant of 2000 Euros for each 4-week period. Accommodation is not provided and is to be arranged by the applicant.

Profile of the candidate

  • At least two years’ experience in clinical cancer nursing.
  • Member of an EONS member society or individual member of EONS.
  • Approval from their current employer.

Priority will be given to European cancer nurses coming from countries that do not offer specialist training in cancer nursing and nurses who have participated in an ESO-EONS Masterclass.
Eligible nurses will be able to apply for a period of 1 to 6 months, depending on the centre and the programme offered.

Centres will offer either ‘observership’ training periods (direct contact with patients is not foreseen) or ‘residency’ training periods (contact with patients is foreseen). Eligibility for either observership or a residency depends on the regulations in each country.

The following accredited centres will offer CTC fellowships to oncology nurses:

  • European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy
  • Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC), Lisbon, Portugal
  • Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland

The programmes are outlined in the Further Information section of this page.

Structured educational programme

The following are some of the direct contact education experiences that will be available to successful candidates. These are divided into clinical teaching activities common to all cancer types, as well as those specific to the different specialties and cancer types. The candidate could observe all types of cancer service during the visit. The candidate will, as an observer, follow the work of clinical cancer nurses in their daily practice.

General experience

Become an integrated member of the specific cancer team to which the candidate is attached. Attend a variety of cancer services available at the hosting centre, such as cancer wards, follow-up services, nurse-led services, clinical trial units, oncology emergency service, palliative/supportive care service and treatment units such as chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy units.

Specialty and/or disease-specific experience

Some host centres will offer disease-specific programmes for specialised nurses, please see centre programmes for details. It will be possible to discuss with each successful candidate what mix of the above suits his/her particular needs.

The cancer nurse will have a designated supervisor/mentor during the visit. The nurse and the supervisor will meet weekly to discuss progress and expectations.

Application deadline is Thursday 30 November

Please complete here the online application form.

2022 ESO-EONS Clinical Fellowship for Cancer Nurses

The European School of Oncology (ESO) and the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) are pleased to inform our membership that Ligia Szocs , Radiotherapy Center Cluj, Romania, and Haytham Abusenjar , European Gaza Hospital have  been accepted for the 2002 Clinical Fellowship for Cancer Nurses. You will find feedback about her experience here

Ligia has opted to do the fellowship at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC), Lisbon, Portugal in April 2023. Haytham Abusenjar  unfortunately had to cancel her fellowship  and  Eroglu Ilyada (Turkey)  will do the fellowship  at IEO, Milan – Italy from 3rd to 29th September 2023. You will find the feedback about her experience here

2019 ESO-EONS Clinical Fellowship for Cancer Nurses

The European School of Oncology (ESO) and the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) are pleased to inform our membership that Gabriella Mavrodin (Romania) and Nieves Gil Gomez (Spain) have been accepted for the 2019 ESO-EONS Clinical Fellowship for Cancer Nurses. Gabriella has opted to do the fellowship at the European Institute of Oncology (Milan, Italy) and Nieves preferred to do the the fellowship at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC), Lisbon, Portugal.

Both have agreed to do their fellowship from 1 to 30 October 2019.

Please find here the report from Gabriella and here the report from Nieves about their fellowship experience.

Research Travel Grant

The EONS Research Travel Grant was created to give a nurse (who must be an EONS member) the opportunity to spend time with an established researcher or research team in another country, in order to:

  • build collaborations and networks
  • improve clinical research practice in their own country
  • develop their own research skills
  • further their research idea, proposal or project.

EONS members eligible to apply for the grant include:

  • clinical research / trials nurses
  • nurse researchers in a clinical or academic setting
  • clinical nurses interested in research.

Both novice and established researchers will be considered for this grant.

The grant funds one or two visits to the host institution (including travel at economy fare, accommodation and expenses).

The focus of the grant is to build capacity and capability through a period of close working with and alongside experienced clinical and/or academic researchers.

Research Travel Grant 2020

The call for the 2020 Research Travel Grant is now closed. However, related to the health and security risks and the severe restrictions in Europe and beyond related to travel as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the EONS Research Travel Grant faculty has decided to postpone this year’s Research Travel Grant to 2021. This year’s applicants will be included for consideration for the 2021 Research Travel Grant but we kindly ask them to re- apply when the next call for the Research Travel Grant is available.


Translation grants are available

Target was developed to give nurses a better understanding of the characteristics associated with cancer development and how targeted therapies have improved patient outcomes by inhibiting or manipulating these oncogenic characteristics. Emphasis on nursing practice and patient support throughout treatment remain the main focus of the Target programme.

Offering a Target course through your society, interest group or institution, you will be giving nurses one of the best possible courses to understand this dynamically growing treatment area and will give them the knowledge to improve care and support for patients and their caregivers. 

The materials are available to EONS individual or national society members who wish to organise a Target course in their own country. To apply, please fill in the online application form

EONS invites national oncology nursing societies/institutions to apply for financial support to translate the updated 2020 Target materials. Please note that the materials are already available in English, Dutch and German on request to the EONS secretariat.

Translation grant(s) are available for the Target training materials. Full criteria are available in the application form.

More information about Target is available on the EONS Education Projects page.