European College of Cancer Nursing – Pathway

The ECCN is pleased to offer a learning pathway for nurses across Europe who care for people affected by cancer in specialist cancer settings, services or roles. The learning pathway includes three  incremental levels which are opportunities to develop your knowledge and understanding and demonstrate your competence in cancer nursing aligned to the EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework.

The learning pathway recommends and builds learning for three levels (Table 1):

  1. Early career/registration level
  2. Enhanced level
  3. Advanced level

Mentorship Programme

The College will provide the opportunity to be part of a mentorship programme which will support your learning in practice. Mentorship is not compulsory and you will have the option of having a mentor at the start of your learning journey within the ECCN. If you chose to have a mentor you will benefit from the guidance and support of a more experienced nurse in helping make the right choices and find the correct opportunities for you. The College will align you with a mentor who will support you through the pathway/levels. The aim/objectives of the mentorship should be established (initial conversation) and documented throughout with goals, actions, outcomes, and evaluation.