EONS Accreditation of Safe Workplace

EONS Accreditation of Safe Workplace

It is EONS’ goal to promote safer and inspiring workplaces for patients and nurses throughout Europe.

Following the ReCAN campaign and the European Cancer Nursing Index, that sought to promote cancer nursing awareness and understanding of current pitfalls and after all of EONS’ work on occupational and patient safety, EONS has designed an accreditation tool.

This EONS accreditation tool will reward the workplaces that implement, or have already implemented, measures that contribute to safe working environments, that ensures the best nursing care practices and the quality of cancer nursing care.

The EONS Accreditation of Safe Workplace is a voluntary process, through which managers who wish to apply for it for their services and their nurses, fill out a questionnaire. The accredited workplace will be recognised by EONS and all other stakeholders and nurses across Europe.

The domains analysed are:

  • Safe environment and general policy
  • Education
  • Safe workplaces & worker protection
  • Patient care
  • Managing hazardous drugs
  • Managing radiation

This process has a renewal period of 4 years and all departments caring for cancer patients can apply.

If you want your department accredited with the EONS accreditation for safe workplace or for any kind of additional information about EONS Accreditation of Safe Workplace, please contact: eonswebsite@googlemail.com