Membership Survey

Membership survey 2023 – Closed

Thank you for taking part in the 2023 membership survey. The survey is now closed and we shall share the outcomes shortly.

Membership survey 2016

A total of 340 responses were received from members in 30 countries. Questions in the survey covered demographic information, EONS membership, EONS services, EONS strategy, communication, education, and future professional challenges. Analysis of the benefits of EONS membership indicates that most valued is being part of a European Society, access to information, opportunities for networking and, most of all, educational opportunities. Results showed that 71% individual and associate members, and 61% national society members, considered the EONS membership fee to be good value for money.

*This report on the EONS Membership Survey 2016 was commissioned by the EONS Membership Survey Task Group. The survey was disseminated online and advertised through the EONS newsletter, EONS website and by emails to National Society representatives.

EONS Membership Survey 2016

The full report as well as the infographics from the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and the UK are available here: