EONS Working Groups

EONS Working Groups

Most of EONS’ work is undertaken by our four C.A.R.E working groups: Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education. More information about the activities of these groups can be reached from these buttons located on the EONS Homepage:

How we work

Working group members are selected from EONS members who put themselves forward for working in the group when opportunities arise. Each working group is managed by an EONS Board Member (the Chair of the Working Group) and a Vice-Chair who is selected from the group. Working group members are expected to remain for a minimum of two years and may be re-elected to the group three times in a row. After six years in one group, that member may not be re-elected but may move to a different working group if there is an opportunity to do so, when her/his terms starts again.

For more information on what the working groups do please visit the individual working group pages: