Society membership

EONS Society membership

National oncology nursing societies/Inter-European specialist nursing groups involved in cancer care can join with EONS at any time in the year by completing the online application form. Our current EONS Society members have been invited by email  to renew their membership with EONS  covering the period from January to December 2024 (12 months).

2024 Society membership renewal

Since 2023, we are asking you for a membership fees to be provided towards EONS according to the donation structure provided below. 

Donation structure

The donation structure for the 12-month membership is based on the number of individual members of the national oncology nursing societies/Inter-European specialist nursing group :

MembersMembership fees of at least
up to 250€400
up to 500€600
up to 750€800
up to and over 1,000€1000

Reduced Membership

As of 2011, EONS offers a reduced membership fee for those countries that show Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 75% or less than the European average. The actual membership dues taking into account the 12 month membership period and the GDP effect are available under the Further Information section of this page. Please check if your country can make use of this offer before completing the application form.

Payment process: important note

Please note that if you are a National Oncology Society from a non Euro currency country, in order to avoid EONS paying fees to receive your transfer as well as currency exchange costs we kindly request you to pay the  membership due only by using a money transfer service such as Wise

National Oncology Nursing Societies from a Euro currency country are requested to pay the membership due using the KBC account below. As using this method of payment would incur no costs at all, we strongly advise these members to use this method of payment.

Please mention your Society name /Country when making the payment on the EONS account.

Making your payment

After completing the online application form, we ask you to make your payment using a money transfer service such as Wise (only for non-Euro currency members).

For payments in Euro, please pay to the below account.

KBC Bank
Account name: E.O.N.S.
IBAN BE03734044831284

BLSI- bte 1.30.30 Clos Chapelle au Champs 30
1200 Brussels, Belgium

We hope you decide to join with your oncology nursing society as this will provide your members with great opportunities to update and expand their cancer care knowledge and to exchange information with colleagues all over Europe.