A Board, Advisory Council and the Members make up the organisational structure of EONS. These three bodies collaborate to identify the goals and strategies of the Society and to implement activities which support the mission of EONS.

The Membership governs the Society through various activities including voting on constitutional changes, discussion of strategic issues and nomination and election of members of the Board.

How we work

Both National Society Members and Individual Members are invited once a year to approve the audited accounts of the previous year and, in an election year, to vote in the EONS Board and Presidential elections.

The Advisory Council is composed of representatives of EONS oncology nursing societies and is invited on an annual basis to advise on  the strategic development of the Society.

The Board acts in the capacity of trustees and conducts the affairs of the European Oncology Society (EONS) in accordance with the policies determined by the Members and the Advisory Council within the laws governing Belgian not-for-profit associations.

EONS’ origins and current regulatory status

EONS was established in 1984 as a UK-based charity registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission, a UK government body. In line with its obligations, EONS submitted annual returns to the Charity Commission, reporting its income and spending, and also trustees’ annual reports.

In spring 2019, EONS registered as a not-for-profit organisation in Belgium and formally ceased to be a UK Charity in summer 2019, transferring all its assets, staff and activities to the newly set up Belgian not-for- profit, otherwise known as a ‘vzw’ or ‘asbl’; a suffix used in official communications simply to mean not-for-profit in the local languages of Dutch or French.

EONS vzw / asbl has an obligation to conclude an audit and approval process of its annual financial statements within 6 months of the 31 December year end, and to submit these audited financial statements to the Belgian financial authorities.

EONS vzw / asbl is supported in its financial and regulatory compliance by Brussels-based accountancy firm PME-Conseils  and is audited by an independent Brussels-based firm CdP Partners.