NURTURE project

N.U.R.T.U.R.E. (Nurses Uniting for Resilience, Training, and Emotional Support in Cancer Care) 

During the EONS Advisory Meeting in October 2023, EONS President, Virpi Sulosaari, presented the new EONS project NURTURE – Nurses Uniting for Resilience, Training, and Emotional Support in Cancer Care to EONS National Societies.

This groundbreaking initiative will provide invaluable support to cancer nurses across Europe.

The project aims to increase the knowledge, skills and expertise of nurses caring for people affected by cancer, re-skill cancer nurses in healthy lifestyle and self-care, safe and healthy work environments  safety. It also seeks to improve the capacity of the cancer nursing workforce by developing, piloting and evaluating cancer nurses’ training and capacity support meetings through and with EONS, its National Societies and individual members. 

About the projecta supportive community
NURTURE is designed to empower and uplift our dedicated nursing community as they navigate the challenging landscape of cancer care.

The project aims to enhance the resilience of European cancer nurses. The emotional well-being of nurses is a top priority for NURTURE, recognising that their strength is drawn from a supportive community. The project will foster an environment of emotional support, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by those on the frontline of cancer care.

Addressing the long-term objectives of NURTURE, project lead and EONS Board member Nikolina Dodlek said: “NURTURE represents a collaborative effort, highlighting the importance of unity and shared knowledge among nursing professionals. As we embark on this journey, nurture and support becomes integral. NURTURE thrives on inclusiveness, equity and involvement, and community contributions will help extend the reach of this initiative to more cancer nurses in need.

“NURTURE will strive to create a supportive ecosystem for cancer nurses, patients facing one of life’s most challenging journeys. Bringing resilience, training, and emotional support to the forefront of cancer care in Europe and shaping a brighter future for both nurses and their patients.”

The Project Team

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Expert Nurses:

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Project Manager Nikolina Dodlek

EONS and the project team appreciates the feedback received from National Society presidents and individuals whose support and input helped develop the NURTURE programme which will address the current needs of cancer nurses throughout Europe.

The project team continues with NURTURE development work. Stay tuned for more information coming soon at this webpage.