These workshops are designed for oncology nurses who have identified an issue related to their clinical practice and would like to investigate it by carrying out a research project. Most of the nurses who attend the workshops are oncology nurses educated to degree level or above. The workshops take place each year, and are designed to support nurses with an interest in research to develop their research proposal and gain advice and new perspectives on their doctoral studies.

The EONS Workshops help nurses to build the confidence and skills they need to put together a proposal for their research project, which can then be used to apply for funding.

Of course, even with an intensive workshop it is not possible to complete a research proposal in three days, so participating nurses are asked to identify a mentor who will provide ongoing advice and support to develop the full proposal. Mentors do not attend the workshop itself, but must commit to a certain amount of support.

Participants must send EONS a short progress report within three months of completing the workshop.

4th EONS PhD Research Workshop 2022, Barcelona, Spain

Wednesday June 1 – Friday June 3, 2022: University of Barcelona, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bellvitge, Barcelona.

The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) held its fourth three-day workshop for oncology nurses across Europe pursuing PhDs this year on the 1st-3rdof June 2022. This year’s event was hosted at the University of Barcelona, which provided the classrooms and facilities for this international group. 

This innovative three-day program provides a structured forum for European oncology nurses pursuing PhDs, to network, share common PhD experiences, and broaden methodological knowledge for PhD research.

The program’s selection of topics and interactive sessions were facilitated by four members of the EONS research working group (Nicolaos Efstathiou, University of Birmingham; Paz Fernández Ortega, University of Barcelona & Catalan Institute of Oncology; Eva Pape, Ghent University Hospital, and Maura Dowling, National University of Ireland, Galway).

Ten students were awarded a scholarship from EONS to attend the program.

The program provided students with the opportunity to present their projects to the group and receive peer and faculty feedback. Discussions on writing at the PhD level and various methodological approaches were also held, as well as PPI (Public patient involvement in research) and postdoctoral careers for oncology nurses. The program also focused on examining the PhD student’s responsibilities in the student-supervisor relationship and the importance of student self-care.

PhD Research Workshop – 3rd EONS Virtual PhD Research Workshop 2021

Three consecutive Fridays in July (2nd, 9th, 16th)

Facilitators:  Maura Dowling (Ireland), Paz Fernández-Ortega (Spain), Cherith Semple (UK), Sara Colomer-Lahiguera (Switzerland)

Some comments from participants at our PhD Workshop, 2021:

  • Thank you to all our lovely and helpful mentors.
  • The Workshop was very interesting and helpful. I felt reassured and supported. My understanding of PhD journey improved and hopefully it will help me to succeed in the future. THANK YOU!
  • I really really loved the workshop! Thank you so much […] I love hearing experiences and approaches to research across Europe.
  • It was more than I expected. Very well organised
  • I think the topics were the right ones so that every participant takes home something relevant to them.

7th EONS (Virtual) Research Proposal Workshop 2021

Three consecutive Tuesdays in June 2021 (15th, 22nd and 29th).

Facilitators: Dr Grigorios Kotronoulas (UK), Dr Nikolaos Efstathiou (UK), Dr Karin Dieperink (Denmark)

Call for applications now closed!

This inspiring, 3-day event is specifically designed for oncology nurses with an interest in and aptitude for research, who would like to develop their confidence and skills in writing a research proposal to address a contemporary clinical issue.

The workshop provided a supportive and constructive learning environment, in which you will begin to develop your ideas into a research proposal. To achieve this, we have put together a comprehensive programme of interactive taught sessions, participant presentations, small group work, and structured feedback discussions.

The draft programme is available in the Further Information section of this webpage.

Some comments from participants at the Workshop:

  • Very comfortable atmosphere from all participants so I was not embarrassed by mistakes, we helped each other, learned a lot.
  • Before I started this workshop I thought I knew more about research than I actually did. This workshop has definitely streamlined my thought process on how to start a good research project.
  • How approachable people who run the workshop are. It makes a huge difference.
  • All smaller groups, all exercises, very interesting to work and evaluate immediately.
  • Correct and just right balance of pace, guidance, and instructions from the management team.
  • All three days of the workshop were extremely useful, we have learned a lot through interaction, exercises, correcting each other, lecturers pointing us in the right direction with advice.
  • I felt very comfortable, team was excellent, lecturers, guests, participants, I will absolutely recommend it. I am thankful for this great opportunity.

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