2018 PhD Research Workshop in Limassol

6-8 June 2018
Limassol, Cyprus

Facilitators: Andreas Charalambous, Wendy Oldenmenger and Grigorios Kotronoulas.

Participants at the workshop

Following a very successful first EONS PhD Research Workshop, the second workshop was held at the Poseidonia Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus, from 6-8 June 2018. The aim of this 3-day workshop was to offer doctoral students an opportunity to discuss, develop and share ideas, progress and gain European perspectives in relation to their doctoral research, within a supportive learning environment.

Eleven participants from eight countries attended reflecting the diversity that EONS represents. The workshop was facilitated by Prof (Asso.). Andreas Charalambous, Dr. Wendy Oldenmenger and Dr. Grigorios Kotronoulas.

Participants at the workshop

The workshop started by inviting the participants to briefly present their research projects and identify areas of concern that they could work on during the workshop. This gave the opportunity to all the participants to comment on each others’ proposal with a critical view and to the facilitators the opportunity to gain some insight about the proposed projects in terms of feasibility and contribution to knowledge. The participants planned projects in various clinical fields with varying methodological approaches.

On Day 2, the facilitators introduced a number of research methods and best practices that were tailored to reflect the interests of the participants.

Day 3 focused on providing to the participants with information on how to fund their studies, the ethical aspects they need to consider throughout planning and executing their projects, as well as information on practical issues when undertaking a PhD.

At the end of the workshop, the participants agreed that it was an inspiring experience that increased their enthusiasm and confidence in doing their PhD. They found the opportunity provided for networking invaluable, and something that will “help them in the future to establish research collaborations”.

The selected participants of the Workshop are listed in the Further Information section, together with the draft programme.

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