EONS Board Elections: EONS Board Member Young Cancer Nurse – Election Results Now Available

As a result of the call for nominations for candidates to be elected as EONS Board member Young Cancer Nurse, 2 nominations for this role have been submitted:

Nikolina Dodlek, Croatia
Tugba Pehlivan, Turkey

The deadline for the call of voting for a Board member Young Cancer nurse was Friday 14 May.

As a result of the call for voting,  Nikolina Dodlek has been elected as new Board member Young Cancer Nurse.

The election result will be confirmed by the full membership present at the EONS General Assembly on Tuesday 8th June.

EONS would like to thank Nikolina and Tugba for their enthusiasm and interest in engaging with EONS by putting forward their nomination.  We also thank everyone who voted for actively engaging with the work of EONS, your Society. 

On behalf of the EONS Board and team we would like to offer our hearty congratulations to Nikolina. We look forward to working with her in our future Board meetings and projects