2019 EONS Research Proposal Workshop


Dr Grigorios Kotronoulas, University of Glasgow

Dr Melanie Charalambous, Cyprus Ministry of Health

Prof Elisabeth Patiraki, University of Athens

Guest speakers:

Dr Constantina Papadopoulou, University of the West of Scotland

Dr Stelios Katsaragakis, University of Athens

Dr Dafni Kaitelidou, University of Athens

Back row (left to right): Konstantina Maniati, Dr Stelios Katsaragakis, Dr Melanie Charalambous, Dr Grigorios Kotronoulas, Prof Elisabeth Patiraki, Dr Constantina Papadopoulou, Majda Cauševic, Johan De Munter.

Front row (left to right): Cristina Castells Roura, Charlotta Bergström, Edita Balasova, Remziye Semerci, Jasmina Vukovic, Foteini Antonopoulou, Celia Diez de los Rios.

The 6th EONS Research Proposal Workshop took place from 5 to 7 June 2019 at Golden Age Athens Hotel, Athens, Greece. Ten cancer nurses from eight European countries joined the faculty and guest speakers.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a supportive, constructive and interactive learning environment for participants to begin to develop their clinical ideas into a research proposal. With that in mind, the faculty prepared a programme that aimed to enable participants to:

  • Critically discuss key components of a research proposal,
  • Critically discuss elements of the research process,
  • Articulate the value of team-work and peer-review when preparing a research proposal,
  • Perform targeted risk assessments and projections, and
  • Articulate the importance of clarity, co-production and impact.

Participants expanded their skills and knowledge around:

  • Formulating and fine-tuning research questions,
  • Systematically reviewing gaps in the literature,
  • Choosing the study design most suitable to a research question, and
  • Articulating the significant and likely impact of their proposed research.

What participants said:

An anonymous course evaluation took place that aimed to help improve future EONS research events.

The participants provided positive feedback, particularly appreciating the critical thinking, peer-work, interactive learning and practical knowledge that the workshop provided. Here are some representative quotes:

“I would like to congratulate the faculty. It was an honour to learn from you and the team. And of course, the group rocks.”

“I liked all tools we got (Gantt chart, Readability test…), inspiring video from Mr. Jeremy Dearling… I liked working together in workshops and also nice time spent outside the box (hotel).”

“I loved how we all worked together in groups! When everyone presented their projects, the discussions with the teachers were so useful. But the most moving: the PPI, Jeremy [Dearling]”

“I liked when we worked together, and I liked when the teachers came back and helped us. […] They have managed to combine the theoretical and practical very well.”

“The interaction during and between sessions was fantastic. Thanks to the great facilitators – You were all amazing!”

“The facilitators were always available to help and give advice. Even now with the workshop finished!”

“Amazing facilitators. Thank you for the great input but also to the great participants! It was a fantastic learning experience! Lots to take home!”