European Cancer Nursing Index 2022 – Take the survey!

In 2020, EONS collected data on the current status and development of cancer nursing from more than 650 nurses in 42 European countries. The analysed data were presented as the European Cancer Nursing Index 2020©, and described both the overall situation and also important differences between countries. This Index was presented at various meetings and congresses and also used to successfully advocate for better education, safety and recognition for cancer nursing in Europe – find out more here.

To measure development and progress, EONS now plans an update, the European Cancer Nursing Index 2022©. We are inviting cancer nurses across Europe to respond to an online survey, covering similar areas as the previous version of the Index. However, in this revision, we will focus more on each respondent’s workplace, in order to better highlight regional differences. We have also added questions related to the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences for cancer nursing, as well as questions on staffing levels. 

The survey is available in 16 languages – and there is also an invitation letter in all languages outlining our aims. You can find both these below. We hope you will join us in continuing to improve cancer care by responding to this survey.

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