Advocacy Working Group

Advocacy WG members:

  • Merel van Klinken (Co-Chair), the Netherlands
  • Grażyna Suchodolska (Co-Chair), Poland
  • Lena Sharp, Sweden
  • Julio Cesar de la Torre, Spain
  • Nuno Salgado, Portugal
  • Ana Rita Dias, Portugal
  • Fernanda Conceição Portugal
  • Pilar del Valle, Spain
  • Paraskevi-Maria Prapa, Greece
  • Mary Tanay, UK

EONS Advocacy Working Group are mainly engaged in:

• Analysing and communicating both the value and challenges in cancer nursing across Europe

• Impacting EU, WHO, national organisations and other stakeholders to better recognize cancer nursing as important means to reduce the burden and prevent cancer

• Suggesting solutions and providing leadership for better recognition of cancer nursing across Europe

• Raising awareness on the importance of patient and occupational safety in cancer care

• Collecting information related to policy/legislation and cancer nursing

• Establishing collaborative relationships with other stakeholders

Membership of the group lasts for two years, for both Working Group members and Chairs. Membership may be renewed twice. Membership of a Working Group therefore lasts for a maximum of 6 years.

Working Group Area