Education Working Group

Education WG Members:

  • Wendy Mcinally, (Co-Chair), UK
  • Celia Diez de los Rios, (Co-Chair), Spain
  • Mary Nevin, Ireland
  • Debbie Wyatt, UK
  • Vanessa-Alison Taylor, UK
  • Eugenia Trigoso, Spain
  • Theresa Wiseman, UK
  • Sara Gomez, Portugal
  • Silvija Piskorjanac, Croatia
  • Matthias Hellberg-Naegele, Switzerland
  • Tugba Pehlivan, Turkey

A note on terminology

To be inclusive, the term ‘cancer nurse’ is used to describe nurses working with people affected by cancer, nurse teachers and researchers regardless of whether the individual has a specialist qualification relating to oncology. As an organisation, EONS strives for all cancer nurses to receive specialised training and qualifications, and continuous further education and training to keep up with developments in cancer care. However, in some countries where EONS has members this is not the case or not yet possible; therefore we aim to be as inclusive as possible in our definition of ‘cancer nurse’. EONS has members in 31 countries across Europe. When the terms Europe or ‘European continent’ are used, this refers to the 53 countries in WHO Europe. The European Union (EU) refers to the smaller block of 27 nation states.

The group looks forward to working together in developing opportunities for oncology nursing through education.

Working Group Area