EONS Board Elections 2024: Call for nominations

On Monday, 24 June, nominations opened for two positions on the EONS Board: the Early Career Board Member and the Communication Working Group Board Member. Full Members are invited via email to nominate candidates for these roles by submitting their applications to the EONS Secretariat. The nomination form is available for download on the EONS website as well. Nominations must be submitted by EONS full members (individual members and members of EONS National Oncology Nursing Societies). Each nominee requires at least one proposer who is also an EONS member, confirming the nominee’s availability beforehand.

Key Dates:

  • Nomination Deadline: Monday, 22 July, 12.00 CET noon. Email completed forms to eons.secretariat@cancernurse.eu.
  • Voting Begins: Wednesday, 24 July. The Secretariat will announce nominees via email and the EONS website.
  • Voting Deadline: Monday, 19 August, 12.00 noon CET. Individual members and societies must have paid 2024 membership fees to vote.
  • Result Announcement: Monday, 19 August. Votes will be counted; results shared with nominees, EONS Board, and membership.
  • Confirmation: Friday, 23 August. Results confirmed at a Special online EONS General Meeting on 9 September.

For more details, visit our website or contact the Secretariat at eons.secretariat@cancernurse.eu.