EU-funded project – TRANSiTION

EONS has attended the kick-off meeting for the EU-funded project TRANSiTION, in Limassol, Cyprus on 4-5 May. This 24-month project aims to address one of the major challenges in the deployment of digital health solutions across the cancer continuum: the need for continuous professional development and training for healthcare professionals and non-clinical professionals. The TRANSiTION project will create a state-of-the-art education and training programme that will enable healthcare professionals to acquire digital skills and competencies for current and future needs. The project brings together an interdisciplinary consortium of 27 partners from 15-member states, including professional associations, universities, educational centres, hospitals, and clinical centres.

During the kick-off meeting, the project partners discussed the project objectives, timeline, and deliverables. They also had the opportunity to share their expertise and experiences in digital health and continuous professional development and training. 
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