Join the virtual challenge – walk or cycle from Paris to Madrid!

As we approach the EONS23 / ESMO 2023 conference in Madrid this October, ESMO is inviting you to participate in a challenge that will virtually guide you from Paris (the location of the 2022 Congress) to Madrid by biking or walking (for real) the kilometres that are between the two congress cities.

The challenge is part of the PrEvCan campaign, launched at the ESMO Congress 2022 in Paris and initiated and led by EONS with ESMO as key partner, alongside more than 50 international and national organisations. The campaign is based on the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC), which sets out 12 recommendations ranging from physical activity and dietary guidelines all the way to tobacco use and second-hand smoke.

Find out more and engage with others taking the virtual challenge at #PrEvCan; #BeAnActiveMember

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