EONS Leadership Forum – 15 May, Turku, Finland

The hugely successful Forum on 40 years of EONS Cancer Nursing Leadership took place at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland, with attendance both live and online.

EONS and leadership

EONS brings together clinicians, academics, policy makers and patient advocates to advance evidence-based cancer nursing and the care of people affected by cancer, and seeks to empower and enable cancer nurses to practice safely and to the full extent of their expertise. 

Aim of the Leadership Forum

  • Raise awareness on importance of cancer nursing leadership. 
  • Provide perspectives on leadership strategies with emphasis on teamwork, adaptability, and well-being at work. 
  • Discuss innovative approaches on clinical and cancer nursing leadership. 
  • Provide examples on clinical leadership in provision of person-centered cancer care. 
  • Every cancer nurse is a leader: perspectives on clinical nursing leadership. 

Target groups: Clinical nurses, nurse managers and cancer nursing directors, educators, stakeholders, and policy makers.

Download the programme with details of the speakers from the Further Information column of this page.

EONS aims to empower nursing-driven leadership to implement multidisciplinary service across the cancer care continuum and lead efforts addressing existing disparities in cancer nursing communities at all levels by influencing policy. Furthermore, EONS strives for a culture of wellness and safety in the work environments of cancer nurses.