European Cancer Nursing Day 2020 #ΕCND20Go4Equality

About the Campaign

ECND20 on 18 May, our fourth annual celebration of cancer nursing across Europe, was a great success.

This year’s theme was ‘‘Health Equality and Access to Universal Care’’, which aligns with World Health Organisation (WHO) designation of 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife in a year-long celebration the work of nurses and midwives and reflects a key WHO goal.

The theme, and associated campaign hashtag #ECND20Go4Equality, highlighted the challenging conditions cancer nurses and patients face in accessing equal quality cancer care, advocating for a reduction in all health inequalities and increased access to universal healthcare.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic – which is putting huge extra pressure on cancer nurses and patients everywhere and meant that our celebrations had to be entirely virtual – the day was highly successful, with the involvement of many cancer nurses throughout Europe.

EONS launched a number of important new initiatives, including the Cancer Nursing Index, the Cancer Nursing Fund, a Guide to Establishing a National Cancer Nursing Society, and presented the EONS Strengthening Equality in Healthcare Award 2020. You can find out more about all of these below – and view pictures of that cancer nurses posted on social media on this special day.

Thank you for joining us!

A selection of pictures celebrating European Cancer Nursing Day 2020:

Belgian Cancer Nursing celebrating #ECND20Go4Equality
Czech Cancer Nurses celebrating #ECND20Go4Equality
Portuguese cancer nurses celebrating #ECND20Go4Equality
Swedish cancer nurses celebrating #ECND20Go4Equality
Georgian cancer nurses celebrating #ECND20Go4Equality
Serbian cancer nurses celebrating #ECND20Go4Equality

EONS Strengthening Equality in Healthcare Award 2020

This Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we awarded two talented cancer nurses – who could be nominated by themselves, their co-workers, managers or friends – with special awards at the EONS13 Congress in recognition for the work that they do to reduce health inequalities and increase access to universal health care.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the EONS Strengthening Equality in Healthcare Award 2020 which are:

Bodil Westman, Sweden
Nominated by Helena Ullgren

Celia Diez de Los Rios, UK
Nominated by Amanda Drury



In the RECaN project EONS have highlighted important differences in cancer nursing across Europe. EONS Cancer Nursing Index 2020 was developed by EONS Advocacy Working Group to illustrate the development and status of this profession in Europe. The index (with scores from 0-100) includes 22 items covering the following dimensions; Education and career development, Patient and Occupational Safety, Recognition, Working conditions and Impact and Workforce.

The Index is based on data from the following sources;

  1. Data base including EONS Survey on Patient and Occupational Safety (anonymous survey, available in 7 languages, with over 500 responses from cancer nurses in 38 countries)
  2. Interviews with leading cancer nursing experts.
  3. Nurses from 38 of 42 invited countries participated Work force statistics (from and OECD)

A scoring manual was developed by EONS Advocacy group to reflect the level of development for the different Index dimensions/items. For items with a variety of responses from the same country, the most frequently reported response was used. The purpose of the Index is primarily not to rank some countries as better than others. Instead, the main purpose is to illustrate cancer nursing profiles, differences and areas in need of development. The index could be used in the development of cancer nursing in each country but also for general European progress.

Discover more here


ECND2020 also saw the launch of a guide to help cancer nurse leaders to set up a National Cancer Nursing Society (or equivalent) in countries where these societies do not exist, and to empower staff of existing national societies to manage their organisation more effectively and strengthen their bond with EONS. The guide takes you, step by step, through the stages of starting and managing a national society, including key roles, action plans, governance and strategy.

More information: here


A new fund is being set up that will enable EONS to fundraise for projects and support and for cancer nurses to apply for funds to support travel to congresses or help with capacity building!

Donate to EONS: here