EONS BOARD ELECTIONS 2023- Elections results now available!

EONS full members (EONS individual members and the EONS National Oncology Nursing Societies) nominated two candidates for the position of EONS President-Elect and five candidates for the position of EONS Board member: 

Candidate (s) President-Elect

Nikolina Dodlek (Croatia)

Helena Ullgren (Sweden)

Candidate(s) Board member

Gülcan Bağçivan (Turkey)

Nataša Bakić (Serbia)

Mathias Hellberg Naegele (Germany)

Ani Khmaladze (Georgia)

Vanessa Taylor (UK)

The deadline for voting was Monday 8 May, 12.00 noon CET.

We would like to inform our membership that the results are as follows:

President-Elect: Helena Ullgren, Sweden

President Elect: Helena Ullgren (Sweden)

Board Member: Gülcan Bağçivan, Turkey

Board Member: Gülcan Bağçivan (Turkey)

The EONS Board and team wholeheartedly congratulates Helena and Gülcan and looks forward to welcoming them to future Board meetings.

Results (in ranking order)

1. Gülcan Bağçivan, Turkey

2. Mathias Hellberg-Naegele, Germany

3.Vanessa Taylor, UK

4. Ana Khmaladze, Georgia

5. Nataša Bakić, Serbia

 The EONS full membership present at the online EONS General Meeting on Monday 19 June at 18.00 PM CET will be requested to confirm the election result and the appointments. 

The EONS Board thanks all the candidates for their enthusiasm and interest in engaging with EONS.  We also thank everyone who voted for actively engaging with the work of EONS, your Society.