RCC4Nurses Research Project

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About the project
EONS is a partner in a research project called “The RCC4Nurses project: Improving quality of nursing care in advanced renal cell carcinoma” (abbreviated as RCC4Nurses) which was granted to the University of Glasgow.

The aim of the project is to develop, deliver and evaluate an evidence-based, fit-for-practice, concise and scalable online educational programme for registered nurses on ‘advanced patient monitoring’ in the context of advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in Europe. The RCC4Nurses project will employ a mixed-methods methodology and a sequential explanatory design. The core activities in the RCC4Nurses project will take place across three phases, as follows:

In Phase 1 (months 1-4), a scoping review of educational programmes for health professionals in the area of RCC / advanced RCC was undertaken. Findings from this review have formed the basis for a subsequent, modified three-round Delphi study, which aimed at reaching consensus on desired / required learning outcomes, content, and delivery layout of the developing educational programme.

In Phase 2 (months 4-14), an online educational programme was co-designed and co- developed. The programme will focus on ‘advanced patient monitoring’, including methods for nurses to assess and manage adverse events and unmet needs in patients living and being treated for advanced RCC.

In Phase 3 (months 15-24), we will implement and evaluate the programme. FIrst, it will be piloted in English only, with registered nurses from across Europe. The piloted programme will then be translated and culturally adapted into up to three languages.

The programme consists of four modules and is designed by top cancer experts.

The modules feature case studies, questions, videos and interactive activities, which give you lots of opportunities to develop your knowledge and check your understanding about the best supportive care in advanced RCC.

Upon completion of post-study evaluation and knowledge questionnaires, participants will be able to claim their certificate of completion.

Project timeline: 3 October 2022 – 2 October 2024

The project is led by Dr Grigorios Kotronoulas, University of Glasgow, UK, together with co-investigators, Dr Amanda Drury (Dublin City University, IRE); Dr Constantina Papadopoulou (University of the West of Scotland);  Dr Wendy Oldenmenger (Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, NL); Professor Daniel Kelly (University of Cardiff, UK); Professor Theresa Wiseman (The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust / University of Southampton); Celia Díez de los Ríos de la Serna (EONS EWG co-Chair) who will also support delivery of the project.

This project is possible thanks to a restricted grant from Pfizer to University of Glasgow.

RCC4Nurses is endorsed by the European Association of Urology Nurses