Nutrition in Cancer – “NUTRICANURSE”

“NutriCaNurse” is the latest EONS education project. Malnutrition affects more than 50% of cancer patients and is present in more than 80% of patients with advanced disease or metastasis. It is extremely important to establish early nutritional interventions to prevent or minimise situations that can affect the nutritional status of cancer patients. A well-nourished cancer patient has better tolerance to treatment, better quality of life, fewer side effects/toxicities related to cancer treatment and, therefore, enhanced adherence to treatments. Cancer nurses have a pivotal role in the prevention and recognition of malnutrition as well as in the management of situations that might require nutritional support.
EONS recognises the importance of nutrition role in cancer nursing. To address the educational needs of cancer nurses, EONS is developing a new webinar which will address:

  • prevalence and causes of malnutrition in cancer patients
  • assessment and treatment principles of malnutrition in cancer patients
  • nutritional care and dietetic recommendations.

In addition, a short practical guide will be written. It will be available both in print and for download as a PDF. Stay tuned for more information coming this autumn!

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