Communication Working Group

Communication WG members:

This working group (WG) currently consists of the following persons:

  • Michaela Popelkova, (Co-Chair), Czech Republic
  • Nikolina Dodlek (Co-Chair), Croatia
  • Carlos Fernandes Cargaleiro, UK
  • Helen Oswald, UK
  • Joanna Tsatsou, Greece
  • Constantina Cloconi, Cyprus
  • Remziye Semerci, Turkey
  • Nellie Kumuralingam, UK
  • Ezgi Bilmic, Turkey
  • Helena McCallig, Ireland
  • Gabriela Mavrodin, Romania
  • Gianluca Conte, Italy

EONS Communication Working Group members are expected to:

  1. encourage EONS members and all European Cancer Nurses to share knowledge and activities relating to aspects of communication as to further best practices and to increase the awareness of cancer nurses’ role and significance of recognition.
  2. develop and provide EONS members social media tools and enablers for increasing the recognition such as Social Media Guidelines and tool for establishing National Cancer Nursing Society.
  3. assess annually the effectiveness of EONS communication input and success in different media channels.
  4. share and promote EONS education activities by providing our expertise in communication to other working groups.
  5. participate on mutual projects aiming to develop cancer nursing education and competence development.
  6. be active in participating on planning and implementation of all advocacy and other relevant EONS, European and Global campaigns.
  7. increase awareness of the benefits to belong to EONS Cancer Nurses community.
  8. respond to membership feedback, comments and suggestions how the collaboration can be enhanced through international collaboration
  9. support and promote EONS research activities such as surveys and help in dissemination of the results to European Cancer Nurses
  10. work closely in partnership with the advocacy working group looking at how the cancer nurse voice is communicated at a strategic and policy level.
  11. participate on planning and implementation of media campaigns on healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention such as 4th February Global Cancer Day.
  12. actively participate in social media.

Membership of the group lasts for two years, for both working group members and Chairs. Membership may be renewed twice. Membership of a Working Group therefore lasts for a maximum of six years.

The working group ambition is to develop systems that support the development of EONS through direct and indirect feedback from the clinical community.

Working Group Area