EONS YCN Nightingale Challenge 2021 – Webinar 5: Research & Publish – How to be successful

The 5th Nightingale Challenge Webinar takes place on 29 November at 18.00 CET – the topic is Research & Publish: How to be successful.

Research is an important element in every area of healthcare. It enables practice and skills development, ever-improving practice and the creation of new ideas. It ensures the highest levels of patient care and treatment. However, it can be difficult to know how to start a career in research; where and how to begin, how to find a topic, how to write it, where to publish, how to publish. If you want research to be a part of your career or think it will be something you will be interested in in the future, join us on 29 November.

Speakers: Tugba Pehlivan; Eva Pape
Co-Chairs: Tihana Gašpert; Helena McCallig

Register Now: https://bit.ly/3FmzSY6