EONS supports Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

On 28 May, EONS representatives were invited to join the inaugural meeting of the Stakeholder Contact Group for Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan by the European Commission. The Plan, previously launched by the European Commission, is a major steps towards cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, and improving quality of life for patients and survivors. In order to support the Member States in the implementation and monitoring of the Plan, the Commission has established a Stakeholder Contact Group under its Health Policy Platform which will be the forum for discussion and engagement with all relevant stakeholders on cancer prevention and care, with concrete policy objectives, flagship initiatives and supporting actions and timelines. EONS looks forward to collaborating closely with the Commission and other stakeholders to improve cancer prevention in Europe, quality care for patients with specialised training programmes for healthcare professionals and better protection of the nursing workforce from exposure to hazardous medical products. The success of the Plan will depend on strong collaboration and genuine partnerships; only by working closely together can we meet the high expectations of citizens and patients across Europe.