Collaboration is key- View EONS COVID-19 video

Johan de Munter, EONS President-Elect

COVID-19 is causing concerns for the cancer care workforce including cancer nurses in many aspects of their practice, specifically regarding the successful maintenance of infection control both for themselves (and families) and their patients.  Echoing the needs of its member societies during this global emergency, EONS has prepared a series of online seminars and discussions to provide valuable and up-to-date resources regarding COVID-19.

Resources will be recorded and be made available to its member societies (as an open source).  One, now available on EONS YouTube, looks at how cancer nurses with their expertise in using personal protective equipment (PPE) play a pivotal role in informing patients of safety measures to protect themselves from COVID-19. As Johan De Munter, European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) President Elect highlights, collaboration of cancer nurses in multidisciplinary teams in oncology is essential to ensure the continuum of cancer care during the pandemic. He points out that, at present, ‘the evidence tells us that the situation is far from ideal’. View video and subscribe to the EONS YouTube Channel here