EONS Board Elections EONS President-Elect and 1 Board Member: Results now available!

The deadline for voting for the new EONS President-Elect and for one EONS Board member was Thursday 28 January, 12.00 noon CET.

We would like to inform our membership that the results are as follows:


Virpi Sulosaari (Finland)


Executive Board Member:

Merel van Klinken (The Netherlands)

As the current EONS Board Member Virpi Sulosaari will change position within the Board, the EONS Board also agreed to accept Wendy McInally (Scotland, UK) into the Board. 

The EONS membership will confirm the result and the appointments at the special online  EONS General Meeting on Tuesday 16 February at 17.30 PM CET. 

The EONS Executive team thanks all the candidates for their enthusiasm and interest in engaging with EONS.  We also thank everyone who voted for actively engaging with the work of EONS, your Society.  

The EONS Executive team wholeheartedly congratulates  Virpi, Merel and Wendy and looks forward to welcoming them to future Executive Board meetings.